Portfolio clockwise: e.g. Publishing Book New Economic System, Steel Bridges Philippines (meeting at Szidonia Castle 2020), New Ecological Forum was launched at World Trade Center, Mosco, TEPone with Technopol, Moscow, EUREKA Brussel honoring H.E. President Gorbachov, Infra Structure Projects in Middle East: 1 photo /2 with Shaik Ali at our HQ, and 2 photo/2 in Kirkuk with General Pascal and Commander Straithner,  EUREKA International is honoring Dr. Henry A. Kissinger at his Association in Park Avenue.

Steel Bridges for Philippines
President Mikhail Gorbachov
Sheikh Ali
General David Pascal
Dr. Henry A. Kissinger

Our Expertise:

  • Technology Transfer (TEPone)
  • Technology Plattform (EUREKA)
  • Consulting (turnaround managment)
  • Projekt Management (ARGE Steel & Infra)
  • Szidonia Business Club
  • Publishing 
  • New Economic System 3.0

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