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"EUREKA"  since 1954

Our Board Members are working partially more than 20 years in different functions inside EUREKA. The world platform for R&D, Inventions and Proprietary Technologies. The keyplayers in the past you can recognize in the following photos, with whom we were working very close and with great success.
(photo: President José Loriaux gives his contributes to H.R.H. King of Spain Juan Carlos, who was giving his patronage to the EUREKA and the Order of Tantae Molis Erat (Info: also the King of Morocco Hassan II, King of Belgium Albert II and King of Thailand Bhumibol.

"EUREKA" during the 60th at Place de Rogier:

Opening event for more than 1,000 inventors of more than 40 countries with wife of (future) President Giscard d'Estaing.
EUREKA as main partner of EU Commission XXIII and Chamber of Commerce and Inventor of Belgium.

"EUREKA" during the 70th

Together with the chamber of inventor, the EU patent office, the chamber of commerce a successful event with more than 30,000 visitiors as an integral part of visiting Brussel as capital down of Europe. (photo: Pyramide as main Entrance to the  Technology Fair).

"EUREKA" during the 80th

A lot of society events also getting an integral part of the EUREKA:
at Maximillians Hall in the Town Hall at Grand Place;
at Hotel Astoria for Asscociation Belgo-Hispanico and European Foundation of Prince Hendrik of Denmark;
(photo: at Hotel Astoria under the patronage of Prince Hendrik of Denmark.)

Eureka fair in 1996

...together with Innovative Investment Banker "Rashba, Platzer & Sons LLC, NY, London and Vienna.
(photo: Edward Rashba, US, Prof. Peter Platzer, Austria, Vladimir Birulin, Head of Legal Practice - Gorodissky & Partners, Minister of Belgium for Economic.)

Eureka Fair in 1997

Mikhail Gorodissky is honoring one Inventor of RPS IIB for his new technology for Mercedes G Type.
Mikhail Gorodissky, PhD Lawyer headed the Patent Department of the USSR Chamber of Commerce, which was reorganized by him as Sojuzpatent in 1985.
In 1991 Sojuzpatent was transfered in Gorodissky & Partners.
Gorodissky & Partners in 2020 has 430 specialists, including 121 patent & trademark attorneys, 35 Lawyers and attorneys-at-law; 

Eureka fair in 1998

Patronage by EU Commissionar Dr. Franz Fischler also in regard of launching new book about "New Economic System" with Prof. Platzer.
(photo: Senator Prof. Otto F. Joklik, EU Commissionar Dr. Fischler and President of EUREKA José Loriaux).

EUREKA Fair in 1999

Visit of Prince Laurent of Belgium (photo: Prince Laurent of Belgium, Senator Joklik and Prof. Platzer).
Last time at Place de Rogier; afterwards EUREKA was changing to the EXPO Center near to Brussels.

EUREKA movement in to 21st Century

Eureka was creating a sister association with EUREKA International to integrate China, South-Africa and Israel. 2001 Prof. Peter Platzer is acting as Vice President.
Later on EUREKA was also established in Spain with Fairs in Barcelona and Madrid.
(photo clockwise: Honoring Dean Dorsch for his cooperation with Balanced Score Card to Volkswagen HQ; Cooperation with Daimler-Chrysler with Necar 5 Model as Hyprid Car and Visit of  EU Commissioner for R&D Piere Busquin. ; Visit of Ministers of Belgium and Russia, Event at Town-Hall.)

20o9 Eureka Fair in Brussels

Senator Consul Primarius Dr.med. Günter Nebel is awarded by his scientific work in regard to an Emergency Hospital. (photo from left: Primarius Dr. Nebel and Visitor, together with Prof. Platzer).

2019 EUREKA Event in Austria

2019 together with MedUNI Graz and Univ.Doz. Dr. Feigl and Dr.med. Alan Packlavic. Expert Talk with Senator Consul Primarius Dr.med. Günter Nebel.
Visit of VicePresident Guy Van der Beken, Brussels and General Secretary NGO Nobil Prize Organization Albert Schweitzer, Prof. Jörg Steiner.

26th of February, 2020

Together with Sanlas Holding GmbH rep. by Senator Mag. David Fallmann, Tomsk State University,
Co-Founder of Green Party in Austria, Christian Wabl Rector ret., Anna Russka CEO and Influncer a great Summit was hold at World Trade Center in Moscow to speak about EcoSapiens and to found
New Ecological Forum.

2021 ... EUREKA is launching a "Technology Fund" with five leading inventions  from R.F. in the field of Environmental Technique, IT Analysis for MedTec and Off-Line Systems for Valuations and from  Norway (Coating) and University of Malaysia (Recycling) two unique inventions related to Sustainability Environmental aspects.

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We are active - via =>

  • Eureka Brussels BI5
  • Eureka Institut, Austria
  • ERA Syndicate
  • ARA project
  • ARGE Steel & Infra,  Philippines
  • Consulting via "Szidonia Business Club" in the field of 


  • New Ecological Forum, Moscow
  • Technopol Moscow, Inventor Association, R.F.
  • TEPone technology fund
  • Scientific Publications "edition dr.strahalm"
  • New Economic System 3.0. 
  • Szidonia Business Club
  • "Sustainability MacroEconomics with Green Rendite"

Like all great things, we started small. We took a few like-minds with a shared vision—and ran with it. Today, we’ve grown into something big.