Technology Fund

under the umbrella of 
EUREKA Brussels BI5 and EUREKA Institute, Austria 
in cooperation with
 Technopol Inventor Association, Moscow
ARGE Steel & Infra
ERA Syndicate (in process of incorporation)
est. 1954 (EUREKA) 1999 (TECHNOPOL) 2019 (ARGE Steel & Infra)

"It is our mission and responsibility to take obligations in economic and social terms as well as to inspire people with our entrepreneurship!"

Dr. W. Strahalm - Prof. Peter Platzer - Guy Van der Beken

Our Motivation

Honoring our past and working for the future - with our excellent network worldwide for our clients and partners;
especially to challenge for you the covid-19 fundamental crisis in 2020
we have written with the scientific paper with our team of experts,

"New Economy 3.0"

Sustainability MacroEconomics with Green Rendite

Therefore we will have our Focus in 2021 on

TurnAround Management

launching our

 Rating Agency Projects

ERA and ARA.

Our clients

AMER International Group Co. LTD (Fortune Global 500
ARGE Steel & Infra, Austria-Philippines
Atune, Belgium
Avisten Steel Manufacturer, R.F
Corporacion WESTRA S.R.L., Dom.Rep.
Edition Dr. Strahalm, Austria
Eureka Brussels BI5, Belgium
Eureka Institut Austria

LLC VPK-Koncept Steel, Samara, R.F. 

New Ecological Forum (N.E.F.),  EU

New Economic 3.0. Sustainability Macro Economics, EU
Qingdao China Electric Power Large Sized E.T. Co., Ltd.
Samara Aviation University, R.F.
Sanlas Holding GmbH, Austria
SCEGC Installation Group Company LTD, China
Szidonia Business Club, Hungary
EPOX.OPOL26, Norway
Technopol, Moscow, R.F

Tomsk State University, R.F.
University  of Putra, Malaysia

Volgocemmach R.F.

WCA Inter Global, China
Y.Habari & Co. LLC, Cyprus

Our clients

We are working and cooperating with private Inventors, Technology Asscociations and different Universities world wide. At the moment we are focusing on our cooperation with Technopol Moscow, Tomsk State University and Samara Aviation University.

(photo Event at UNI Graz from left: General Secretary Nobel Prize NGO Albert Schweit-zer and EUREKA Vice President Guy Van der Beken)

Our partners for proprietary technology

For our technology fund TEPone, Technopol Moscow, as a leading Inventor Association and subsidiary of the worldwide largest law firm for proprietary technology and trademarks "Gorodissky & Partners" is our main cooperation partner.

(photo: Left second Technopol General Manager Vadim Goussev and right Senator David Fallmann)

"ERA" European Rating Agency

Our partners for building up the syndicate for ERA (status XII'20) are
98 companies in total.

European Rating Agency: In 2001 there was the last initiative for finalization of the "House of Euro" leaded by Austrian Chancellor Dr. Schüssel (2000-2007). It was several years before the desaster of LehmanBrothers was responsible of the debt crisis in Europe. Don't forget that the guarantees of AIG London branch was upgrading the financial derivates of Lehman. It is not understoodable that 12 years after LehmanBrothers an independent European Rating Agency is not existing. B U T the pandemic and economic (as well as social) crisis of 2020 is opening a system change - in so many different areas. The time is well prepared for an independent European Rating Agency. ERA is the missing pillar for the House of Euro.

(Info: 98 companies in Europe are supporting our initiative and are intended to participate in the ERA Syndicate - Status XII '20 eg. Israeli Center of Science and Culture in Bulgaria; Montania-Agro; Centel; World Investment Capitals Ltd.; Marbela Holdings LTD; Oliver Group LTD; Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals, NL; Les Pyramides, Belgium; Midpoint Solutions; CEC Global; Deloitte UK; Cross Atlantic Alliance; New European Advisers, UK; Westminster Russian Forum; Sincer LTD and Investment Holding Co. Ltd.)

African Rating Agency

With the support from leading countries in Africa we are having our focus on the African Union with 55 countries, which was established in 2002. Several keyplayers are able to see the impact of the "Monopol of the Three", which are only fulfilling the policy of the FED. Sometimes looks like old concept of colonialism. "TIME TO CHANGE THE OLD SYTEM!"

Our Story

Together with VicePresident Guy Van der Beken, Dr. Werner Strahalm and Florent Godin we are conducting the world most leading Exhibition Plattform "Eureka", which is existing since 1954 in cooperation to the EU, EU Commission, European Patent Office and under the patronage of the Kingdom o Belgium, Spain, Marocco and Thailand. The future of Eureka Brussels is secured by Dezentralization (i.e. Eureka Institute in Austria) and not only the presentation of Innovations, but further more the support of our Team of Experts to bring the Invention to the Market Place. Especially in Europe with the possibilities of HORIZON 2027.
Besides EUREKA and TEPone Fund we have our focus on ERA, ARA and on the Institute for Middle Europe and Central Asia.
Our scientific approach was verified with our new book: "New Economic System 3.0 - Sustainability MacroEconomics with Green Rendite".

(photo from left: Guy Van der Beken, Prof. Platzer)

Scientific Approach

In 2020 our leading Eureka Team was able to give an answer of the changing realities caused by the Pandemic and its social and economic impact.
This scientific work of the book

„New Economy 3.0 - Sustainability Macroeconomic with Green Rendite“

is divided in 9 parts:
part 1: economic theories
part 2: economic policies
part 3: Axioms of the noble prize winners in the field of Economy
part 4: economic crisis in a historical point of view
part 5: impact of individuals and legal entities
part 6: from the local, regional, national, multinantional to the global impact of the fundamental crisis.
part 7: social-cultural and moral-philosophical measurements of the crisis
part 8: Sustainability Macroeconomics with Green Rendite
part  9: Future research til end of 21st century

In this way you can understand this publication as a status of the world nowadays  like Dennis and Donella Meadows  have done it in 1972 with their book "The limits to Growth. A Report for the Club of Rome's Project on the Predicament of Mankind."

Editors are Lord Rothschild and Prof.Platzer. The team of authors are 14 add. specialists, decision makers and entrepreneurs.

Prefaces are written by famous politicians and Economic Scientists from Austria and Israel.

Get to know us: Team of Experts and Entrepreneurs all over the world

Our Projects:

On the 26th of February we were launching together with the Co-Founder of the Green-Party in Austria, Mr. Christian Wabl, Rector ret., the so called "New Ecological
" in Moscow. Representatives of our cooperation partners (e.g. Tomsk State
University) were representing their Innovations in the field of Environmental Protection. EUREKA is also supporting the technological fund "TEPone" together with our main partner in Moscow TECHNOPOL: Besides this we are assisting the Government to execute infrastructure projects like our steel bridges project in the Philippines. The plattform for such big projects are the EUREKA daughter ARGE STEEL & INFRA. Since the covid-19 crisis we are working on our model for "New Economic 3.0" as a vision for Sustainability MacroEconomics with Green Rendite. One important chapter of the book is dedicated to ERA and ARA (see above).

(Photo from left: Rector ret. Wabl, Tomsk State University Representative, Boloschoi Solo Dancer Artem Ovcharenko, Russian Influencer CEO Anna Russka)

Our Expertise in Investment Banking:

A worldwide team of specialists are supporting our ambitious goals and lead us in the position to file our Inventors via 8 steps to the market place.
Clear landmarks are showing to the audience our success on each step of market penetration.
This KnowHow was several times awarded by leading associations, academies and Universities.
Our focus for new technologies are in the field of:

  • Medicine Technique and BT;
  • Automatisation and IT;
  • Aviation and Automotiv;
  • Environmental Technique.

(Photo from left: our Moscow Technopol Team - Mrs. Daria Langina, Mr. Daniel Lyapchef, Mrs. Daria Razumovskaya)

New Ecological Forum N.E.F. by  EUREKA

Video - link on YouTube fully available:


Each global environmental aspect needs for sustainability the integration of the biggest country in the world.
Russia has by its own - 8 differnt time frames.
The Covid-19 impact needs a global mechanism, because each country is seriously attacked by the Lock-Downs caused by the Corona-Virus.
R.F. has to be invited again for the G7 (8) summits.


Prof.Platzer and Guy Van der Beken were founding together with C. Wabl, Rector ret. (Info: Co-Founder of Green Party in Austria) this New Ecological Forum under the patronage of H.E. Slava Fetisov, Member of Duma and UN Ambassador for Arctic and Antarctic.

(Photo: Slava Fetisov, Sport Icon, Olympic Champion and several times winner of Stanley Cup in US as player and later on as trainer - together with President Vladimir Putin during an Ice Hockey match for supporting Environmental projects.)

Macroeconomic point of view:

It is a matter of fact that Europe only together with US and v.v. will be able to challenge China on the global economic stage. The Pandemic was automatically or at least unintentionally an additional support for the economic success of China. The advantages of the system and society inside mainland China were clearly showing during the  Covid-19 crisis to all scientific and political observers. APAC and similar initiatives i.e. RCEP are covering more than 2.2 Billion people in one unified economic area. 

Our institute "M.E.C.A." is starting to prepare studies and to do research for economic and political answers. "Feel yourself invited to participate or support our "ThinkTank", which will be finally  established til Spring 2021 under the leading rule of our Managing Director, Daniel Galily MA BA.

Work with us  =>

Turnaround Management

Our team of Experts:

  • R.F.  Dr. Victor Dyonmin; Vice Rector

                Mr. Vladimir Efimov MSc BSc. President EUREKA Russia
                Mr. Vladimir Alexandrov, Broker

                General Director  Vadim Goussev
                Dr. Valery Ivanov, Scientist
                Dr. Yuri V. Kistenev, Rector Dep.
                Mr. Daniel Lyapechev, Technopol, Moscow
                Mrs. Anna Russka, CEO Anna Russka Group  
                Mr. Igor Sabo, President Wolga Region

  • US   Lord M.H.Rothschild, Washington D.C.

                Perry Morgen, Chairman  Morgen Pacific Holdings Ltd.  
                Dir. Richard Castillo, Chicago (EUREKA Marketing & Sales)

  • EU   Guy Van der Beken, Vice President EUREKA Brussels BI5

                Florent Godin, Special Scientific Advisor, Belgium
                Dr.h.c. Magister rer.soc.oec. HPeter Platzer, Hon.Prof.,                                                                                          Austria-Hungary
                Richard Wiss, Chairman of Senatus Consultum

                Dr.  Werner Strahalm, Publisher and Historian, Austria
                Rector ret. C. Wabl, Co-Founder of Green Party, Austria
                Prof. Rafal  M. Wasik, General Secretary 
                IHRC (International Human Right Commission)
                Dr.med.univ. Alen Packlacic
                Deputy Managing Director EUREKA Rosita Bhagwandi, NL
                Mr. Yaniv Habari, Lawyer at "Y.Habari & Co, LLC, Cyprus

  • Israel Mr. Daniel Galily, MA, BA, Historian, Managing Director EUREKA

                  Mr. Joshua Shlomiuk, Project Leader ERA and ARA

                  Mr. Ariel Kvet, Lieutenant Colonel (res)
                  Mr. Yaniv Gitelis MSc. mult., Scientist

  • China  Mrs. Lucy Liu Qian, Commodities

                     Mr. Huang Xiaokui, Logisitcs   

(Photo left: Mr. Christian Wabl, Co-Founder of Green Party in Austria and Rector ret. of Green Academy, Co-Founder of "New Ecological Forum")

Our Leading Team (I/III)

for "Turnaround Management" 

"Is it a common understanding, that after the Pandemic the crisis will reach their end ? Certainly not! The impact of this crisis will be tremendous for social and even more economic actualities as well as dangerous causalities.

Team Members: from left to right:

Dr. Werner Strahalm, Historian, Politician...Austria

     President of EUREKA
Prof. Peter Platzer, Austria-Hungary
     Sécretair Général of EUREKA, Board Member ARGE Steel & Infra
     Co-Editor "New Economy 3.0 - Sustainability MacroEconomics  with          Green Rendite"
Guy Van der Beken, Belgium
      Vice President of EUREKA & Board Member of ARGE Steel & Infra

Our Leading Team (II/III)

for "Turnaround Management" 

A system change will be more and more realistic. Our leading team of experts is well prepared based on our international standing, scientific approach and long term practical experience to lead and guide your company through the upcoming economic crisis.

Team Members: from left to right:
Lord M.H. Rothschild, Washington USA
      Co-Editor of "New Economy 3.0 - Sustainability MacroEconomics               with  Green Rendite"
CPA Joshua J. Shlomiuk, Project Leader ERA and ARA, Israel
Mrs. Rosita Bhagwandin, 
      Dep. Managing Director of EUREKA worldwide, NL

Our Leading Team (III/III)

for "Turnaround Management" 

Let us know your goals and intentions, that we can provide a first strategical and operative concept for your roadmap - back to success!
Via "Contact" you can inform us via Email - about your priorities to face successfully this system change after the Pandemic is over..."

Team Members: from left to right (first row) =>
Vladimir Efimov MSC BA, Commodity Trader, Russia
  President EUREKA R.F., Board Member ARGE Steel & Infra
Lucy Liu Qian, Forbes 500, China
  EUREKA President Asia, Board Member ARGE Steel & Infra
Team Members: from left to right (second row) = >
  Daniel Galily MA BA, Managing Director of EUREKA worldwide,
  Board Member ARGE Steel & Infra
Yaniv Habari, Lawyer, ERA Syndicate, Cyprus

Our eight steps model: ...to bring an invention successfully to the market place!

Analysis & Information Gathering / Due Diligence for the "Short Profile"
Project Valuation (Strategy Paper, Operative Implementation Manual, Business Plan with prognostical Balance Sheets and P&L Statements)
step 3
Information Memorandim with BP
Incorporation of a Legal Entity in Europe
Target Group Analysis for financial or strategic Co-Investors
step 5
Project discription and application for HORIZON 2020
step 6
Contact Phase and Lobbying
step 7
Negotiation phase and might be calibration of application.
step 8
Structuring of the final Deal
Investments and Implementation of Operative Manual (roadmap to production)

This important 8 steps are underlined with an exact timetable with clear landmarks.